Icon Marble Coaster - Caribbean blue

High quality marble coasters inspired by watches.
Share your passion in style with our Icon Marble Coasters.
Entirely handmade by skilled artisans, each coaster is cut from the finest marble into a circular shape, which is then rigurously polished and beveled.
Then, a highly detailed pattern is laser engraved on the top-side, creating a bridge between our premium coasters and our love for watches.
Finally, we apply by hand our very own luminous paint to the stone, which is then coated with a protective layer to protect it from the elements.
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Our premium Icon Marble Coasters are here to join you in you and your watches in your evening events.

The Icon Marble Coasters are handmade, hand finished and hand painted with our propietary luminous paint. They are available in Caribbean blue and Neon Green lume.

Each set includes 6 Icon Marble Coasters and a high quality marble case that protects and stores them, keeping them in pristine condition for every ocassion.

The marble coasters have a diameter of 9 centimeters (3.54 inches).

This is the Caribbean Blue lume version. You can see a comparison in the last picture.

These are produced in very limited quantities.

Estimated shipping date of the next batch: May 31.


Unlike any other.
The luminous paint used for our coasters is no ordinary paint. We source the highest quality luminous pigment in the world and then mix it with different binders and bases to create our own propietary paint.  Brighter and longer-lasting than most types of Super LumiNova.
144 layers of lume.
We apply  two layers of lume in every indice. With 12 indices per coaster and 6 coasters per set, that's 144 layers of hand-applied lume in every set.