Launching A Dream Into Space

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"Launching A Dream Into Space" is an artwork about connection. It invites you to admire watches, their historical significance, and the memories created with them that will be passed down to the next generation.

Many watches are sentimental because we purchase them for special occasions. Some others however, are special because of the things we got to experience wearing them.

This print showcases a father and a son, experiencing the launch of the Apollo 11. But there are many layers to it.

The first layer is the fact that the father is using the very same watch the Astronauts are using on the spaceship. This bridges the Speedmaster with it's historical significance.

The second layer is the son and their connection. When he grows up and the watch is passed down to him, he will forever remember the day when he saw the launch of the Saturn V alongside his father. And whenever he looks at the watch, he will always remember that moment and cherish the memories of his father wearing it,

The father is out of frame so the viewer can put himself into him; become him. After all, we are all just like him, wearing our watches and living with them, until one day we will pass down not only a watch, but a great amount of memories condensed into an object that will live on the wrist of our daughters and sons.

Launching A Dream Into Space explores the historical importance of the Speedmaster, while showcasing the bond and connections that we create with our sons and daughters through watches.

Available in three different sizes:

-A4: 8.3x11.7" (21x29.7cm).
-A3: 11.7x16.5" (29.7x41.91).
-A2: 16.5x23.4" (41.91x59.4cm)

Additional information:

-Printed on Hahnemühle 300 g/m2 100% cotton paper using archival inks. Fade resistant for hundreds of years.

-White Border for easier framing.

-Limited edition of 30 (10 in each size).

-Free Shipping to North America and Europe.

The Artwork showcases a period correct Speedmaster Professional with:
-Applied Old "Omega" Logo.
-"S" and "P" letters of the word "Speedmaster" are connected.
-Dot over 90.
-Stepped Dial.
-Asymmetric case.
-T Swiss Made T at the bottom of the dial.
-The time is 9:32, the local time of the Apollo 11 launch.
-The second sub register is showing 20 seconds, enough for the rocket to be in the air, but before it changed angle and dropped the bottom part of the rocket.

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