Caliber 321 Lumed Canvas LE.

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We are proud to present our Caliber 321 Glow in the Dark Artwork Limited Edition.

First, we print our Caliber 321 design onto canvas and gallery wrap it on hand-made wooden bars. This means it's ready to display out of the box as the Canvas continues all the way to the back and includes a hanging hook.

Then, we hand paint the chronograph gear train and balance wheel with archival acrylic metallic paints. Finally we apply our custom proprietary lume formula where the jewels of the movement would be. Our glow in the dark paint is more pigmented and brighter than any other paint available in the market, and it rivals the highest grades of SuperLuminova.

Limited Edition of 5 Pieces.

Free shipping to North America.

Size: 16 by 16 inch.